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Classroom Technology

Classroom Login/Logoff Instructions

All users of HSC classrooms are required to login and authenticate to the classroom computer using your assigned WVU Login account, and requires all files to be saved to either a  network drive or to a removable USB media device. Files, settings, or programs installed on the local computer will be wiped and not available upon next login. For Classroom computer Login/Logoff instructions, please see below.

This policy was implemented to prevent malicious viruses and malware attacks, as well as to prevent unauthorized usage.

It is important that you follow these instructions to login to the computer so that you have access to your network drive(s.)

***If you have files that you would like to access at a later time DO NOT save them to the local computer as they will not be available to you after you log out. You must save these files to your network drive or to a removable USB memory device..***

BE PATIENT! After entering your login information and pressing “OK” it could take several minutes to fully log you into the computer. Re-booting the computer during this process will only delay you further. Please be patient as the system sets up your account for access through the classroom computer.

Once you are fully logged in and can view your desktop, your network drives should be visible in “Computer” as drive H: This is your personal network space and is only available to you. The H: drive is where you should save any files that you wish to access later from your office or any classroom computer. A removable USB memory device may also be used to save your files if desired.

PLEASE LOGOFF at the end of your session by closing open applications and simply clicking Start, Logoff, Ok. Failure to logoff the computer may leave your account available to the next person using the classroom.

It is a good idea to arrive at your class a few minutes early to avoid delays.

Guests to HSC who need to log into the classroom computers should contact ITS to obtain a temporary guest login.

School of Medicine “Panopto” users should also see an I: drive. Panopto is set up to record to this I: drive by default. Please consult the Panopto instructional sheets provided on the teaching station for more information.