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Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is a second layer of security besides your password. It requires you to confirm your identity with two things – something you know and something you have. Two-factor authentication will also help WVU comply with new regulatory standards and reduce the risk of data breaches. More than 60 percent of confirmed data breaches today involve weak or stolen passwords.

Two Factor Authentication Resources

Where will two-factor authentication be required?

  • Two-factor authentication will be required if you connect to the HSC student or WVU.Encrypted (wireless) networks. This also includes the HSC instructor computer in HSC Classrooms.
  • Two-factor authentication will be required if you connect to systems from off-site locations
  • Two-factor authentication will be required if you travel elsewhere on WVU campuses

Please note that HSC users will not be required to use two-factor authentication from our internal (wired) networks because we have hardware controls already in place for security.

  • Includes Morgantown, Charleston and Eastern campuses
  • Includes HSC managed off-site locations (CED, CPRC, ICRC, RDTP)
  • Includes Ruby Memorial Hospital and WVUH clinics

What will you need in order to get setup?

You will need to use your smartphone (recommended) as your second-layer authentication device, or a Duo Display Token.

How do I set up my account for two-factor authentication?

To activate your Smartphone as your second-layer authentication device (RECOMMENDED):

  • Download the free Duo Mobile app from your app store, then activate your account by visiting WVU Login Self Service, clicking the “My Login” button and following the instructions.

To purchase and activate the Duo Display Token (Recommended ONLY IF you do not have a Smartphone OR require a second authentication device).

What happens if I don’t have my Smartphone or authentication device available?

Users can generate Bypass codes that will allow you to authenticate with Duo if you do not have your phone or authentication device available. You can generate ten codes at WVU Login Self Service and each code can only be used once. These codes should be kept in a safe location. If you generate new codes, all old codes will become invalid.

The following systems will require two-factor authentication immediately:

  • HSC Office 365 Web Access
  • Wireless (WVU.Encrypted)
  • HSC Classroom instructor PC
  • WVU+kc
  • SEI
  • Portal
  • DegreeWorks
  • SOLE

Technical Support

HSC users should contact the HSC Help Desk at hsc_helpdesk@hsc.wvu.edu or 304.293.3631 for any questions on setup. Additional helpful FAQ on setup is available at twofactor.wvu.edu