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Mountaineer Doctor Television

How to Schedule a Videoconference

If interested in scheduling a videoconference please follow the steps provided below to ensure your event will be scheduled correctly

Choose a Meeting Style

Small Group Meeting Style - Two groups of people coming together to discuss a project or hold a meeting.

Presentation Style - One site will host the meeting and use a computer for their presentation such as a PowerPoint presentation.

Multi-Presenter Style - Multiple sites will have presenters using computers for presentation such as a PowerPoint presentation.

Choose a Room

Please refer to the Room Information Page to identify which room meets your events technical requirements.

Check Room Availability

By accessing our online calendar you can see if the room you’d like to reserve is open prior to requesting.

Please note- if requesting G-14, you can skip this step. Otherwise, please use the Room Calendar on our Home Page to look up your room preference.

Once you’ve selected the date of your event you will see a daily activity calendar appear. This will list everything that is scheduled in all of our rooms. You will need to select the room you’d like to view from the ROOM DROP DOWN MENU in order to check its availability.

Complete the MDTV Program Request Form

This form will ask for specific information in regards to your upcoming videoconference. Please provide as much detail as possible.

MDTV Program Request Form

Event Confirmation

Once the MDTV Program Request Form has been submitted, our office staff will begin coordinating your event for you, by reserving the room, contacting the requested sites, scheduling tests, etc.

  • For basic videoconferences (Member – Member site connections) you should receive your event confirmation within 1 week of the date you submitted your request form.
  • For more complex videoconferences (Multi-Site/ Non-Member Site Participation) please allow 2 weeks for an event confirmation.