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HSC Contingency Planning - Work from Home
Mountaineer Doctor Television

Production Service Rates

Production Services


WVU Clients - $100/hr
External Clients - $120/hr


WVU Clients - $100/hr
External Clients - $120/hr

Long Format Project

(per finished minute)

WVU Clients - $1,250
External Clients - $1,500

Media Duplication Services

Printable DVD:

WVU Clients - $3
External Clients - $3.60

DVD Dub:

WVU Clients - $10
External Clients - $12


MDTV Production Cancellation Policy

MDTV is obligated to charge a fee for production service cancellations made within 24 hours or less.  Please notify us immediately should your production event require cancellation or rescheduling.

Cancellation Rate - $50 (within 24 hours of scheduled event)