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Mountaineer Doctor Television

Zoom Uses & Prerequisites

Mountaineer Doctor Television (MDTV) has a Business Associates Agreement in place in order to be able to provide secure Telehealth Services. 

Below is a list of approved MDTV Zoom account uses as well as the prerequisites needed for completing a Zoom Account Request Form.

Approved Zoom Uses For Faculty & Staff

Below is a list of approved uses for requesting a MDTV Zoom Account:

  • Administrative Meetings that include PHI
  • Clinical Encounters w/Patients NOT IN EPIC
  • Clinical Discussions that do/don't include PHI
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Exam Proctoring
  • Faculty Teaching

Approved Zoom Uses for Student Accounts:

Faculty approval is required for all Student Zoom Account Requests.  Approved uses for students are as follows.

  • Clinical Encounters w/Patients NOT IN EPIC
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Exam Proctoring

Zoom Account Prerequisites For All:

Prior to requesting a MDTV Zoom account, the following prerequisites should be met:

1. Complete HSC ITS Security Awareness Training
2. Complete HIPAA Training: (If selecting PHI)
3. Review Zoom's Acceptable Use Policy
4. Review Zoom Recording Policy for Clinical Supervision if patient encounter recordings are required.
5. All users accessing a MDTV Zoom account must acknowledge and agree to the HSC Zoom account policies and procedures.

Zoom Request Form

Additional Offerings: Zoom Webinar

Zoom webinars are also available to WVU users wishing to host a virtual event.

We currently have (2) 100 participant webinar licenses and (1) 500 participant webinar license available to meet your scheduling needs. 

If interested in scheduling a webinar, please complete the MDTV Zoom Webinar Request Form.

Interested in Learning More?  Contact Us Today: 304-293-6926 or mdtv@hsc.wvu.edu