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  • SOLE Spotlight | Exam Scoring and Analysis | March 2021

    With Mid-Check Grades due on March 12th, this month's Spotlight lists selections and/or button options you can use to score and analyze exams once your students have completed them in SOLE.

  • SOLE Spotlight | Active Learning and HSC Classroom Technology | February 2021

    What is Active Learning?

  • SOLE Spotlight | Preparing Courses | January 2021

    This SOLE Spotlight focuses on preparing your courses for the upcoming semester. It is very important that you remember to archive the course(s) you plan to re-use (option 1) or request a new copy (option 2 and highly recommended) of the course(s).

  • SOLE Spotlight | Grade Explanation and Gradebook Reports | 2020

    Grade Explanation can be a useful tool for reviewing individual student grade calculations. Once grades have been entered for a student the Grade Explanation button will become available within the Overall Grade column. The Grade Explanation displays the calculations used to derive individual students' Overall Grade for the course. When utilizing this feature within a grouped gradebook, the explanation for individual groups can also be accessed while viewing that particular group.

  • SOLE Spotlight | Exam Troubleshooting | 2020

    Exam Troubleshooting can begin before an exam is delivered in order to help alleviate technical concerns and exam day stress. By planning ahead, some technical issues may be avoided.

  • Avoid upgrading to macOS Big Sur on Apple devices

    To prevent loss of internet connectivity and other possible problems, students and employees who use personally owned Apple computers for study or work should avoid installing the newest Mac operating system, macOS Big Sur, when it is released.

  • HSC Seating Chart SOLE Site

    A new application in SOLE is now available for site and course administrators to enter seating chart assignments for all fall courses and events. The application will support HSC’s contact tracing efforts in the event of a COVID-19 incident (positive case) and tracing efforts are required.

  • Panopto Cloud Update 8/15

    On Saturday, August 15, we will be making a number of updates to the Panopto Cloud infrastructure to improve performance and scalability. These updates will require downtime. We expect up to 3 hours of downtime, with a target start time of 9:00 pm EDT/6:00 pm PDT.

  • SOLE Spotlight - Course Support and Preparing for Fall

    While preparing your fall courses, you should have a plan in place to deliver course material remotely. Take time now to organize your course material and decide which tools and technology you plan to implement within SOLE, the Learning Management System for Health Sciences.

  • SOLE Certificate Courses Series Dates Added

    Application & Web Support Services would like to update you on our SOLE Certificate Course Series which provides training for Course and Site Administrators. Additional dates have been added to support our return to campus needs.