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  • SOLE Spotlight | Grade Explanation and Gradebook Reports | November 2023

    Grade Explanation can be a useful tool for reviewing individual student grade calculations.

  • Compatibility issue with SOLE Lockdown Browser and macOS Sonoma

    Apple devices recently upgraded to Sonoma must update to MacOS SOLE LockDown Browser. The SOLE LockDown browser can also be accessed from any secure exam to install.

  • SOLE Spotlight | Exporting Questions and Copying Exams | September 2023

    SOLE Exams allows administrators to export, import and copy questions and exams.

  • SOLE Spotlight | Preparing Courses | August 2023

    This SOLE Spotlight focuses on preparing your course(s) for the upcoming semester. Please request a new course, or a copy of an existing course, for the upcoming term if not already coordinated by your department.

  • SOLE Fall Certificate Training Announcement

    Application & Web Support Services is pleased to announce our Fall SOLE Certificate Courses to provide training for Course and Site Administrators.

  • SOLE Spotlight | Profile Photo Submission Process | July 2023

    New SOLE users are often unaware of how to upload their profile picture. To do so, a photo must be submitted with the following requirements:

  • SOLE Spotlight | Rubrics | June 2023

    Rubrics use established grading criteria to objectively assess student performance. A rubric gives clear guidelines on how to evaluate or grade student projects, presentations, or papers by providing a standardized, compact checklist from which to grade. Rubrics also let students know what instructors expect from them on their submitted assignments.

  • SOLE Spotlight | Calendar | May 2023

    The Calendar tool may be used by administrators to remind users about upcoming assessments, announcements, and other important information. This feature allows users to keep track of personal, school, and course work schedules in one convenient location.

  • Network Maintenance Scheduled April 27 at 6:30am

    HSC ITS will complete maintenance on network equipment serving the 2nd floor HSC Learning Center and student study room 2930 causing a 15 minute disruption in service on Thursday, April 27, at 6:30am.  Phone and network access, including WiFi, will be offline during the maintenance window.  Please contact the HSC Help Desk at hsc_helpdesk@hsc.wvu.edu with questions.

  • Mac users: Install critical security update

    Faculty and staff on all campuses are encouraged to install a critical security update on all University-managed Macs and iPads. You will be prompted to start installing this update on Monday, April 24, or you can check for updates and install them now. This update, which will take about 30 minutes to complete, will address a vulnerability that could let an attacker access and control your device.