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  • SOLE Spotlight | Question Bank Organization | September 2018

    With the SOLE Exams tool, instructors can not only create exams within an interactive student exam environment, but can also manage and organize a detailed Question Bank.

  • Delay Mojave OS Upgrade

    ITS suggests Apple computer users delay Mojave OS upgrade until compatibility is ensured.

  • SOLE Spotlight | Adding Students | August 2018

    As you prepare to add students to your SOLE course(s), please be aware that there are two different ways to accomplish this task from within the Control Panel:

  • Revamped SOLE Certificate Courses coming this Fall

    Application & Web Support Services is pleased to announce our redesigned Fall SOLE Certificate Courses to provide training for Course and Site Administrators. Based on survey feedback, SOLE has reconditioned its Certificate Courses. The SOLE 300 will now focus on Assignments, Submissions Options, Gradebook Linking, Detailed Grader, and Rubrics. We have added a fourth new course to the series, SOLE 400, to provide a broader explanations on Grading Systems, Grading Policy Options, Grouped Gradebooks, and Finalizing Scores.

  • SOLE Spotlight | Moving Content | July 2018

    Summer is often a great time to organize your course(s) or site(s) and there are multiple ways to move content (e.g., folders, files, pages, assignments, exams, etc.) around in SOLE.

  • SOLE Hands-on Help Sessions

    Application & Web Support Services is pleased to announce our Summer SOLE Hands-on Help Sessions to provide training for Course and Site Administrators in the Health Sciences Learning Center.

  • Two-factor authentication required for WVU systems by Aug 31, 2018

    All students on all WVU campuses will be required to use two-factor authentication for access to many systems, including SOLE, by Aug. 31, 2018. You can get ahead of the curve by enrolling now. Click the MyLogin button at to get started.

  • SOLE Spotlight | Annotator | June 2018

    SOLE is excited to share the new SOLE Annotator! Now when previewing a Word, Excel, PDF, and PowerPoint file (max file size 100MB) within SOLE, users can utilize its built-in commenting, highlighting and drawing tools.

  • SOLE Spotlight | Course Design | May 2018

    Is there an element of your course that you wish to revamp, enhance, or "flip"? For those of you not teaching this summer, this may be a great time to evaluate elements of your course with one of our two HSC Instructional Designers.

  • SOLE Update Reminder | May 8, 2018

    SOLE will be unavailable due to a scheduled update from 7 to 10 a.m. on Tuesday, May 8.