Email scams circulating HSC network

There are a few recent email scams circulating the University networks that we want to bring to your attention.

  • One scam has a Subject line of “Part time Job Opportuity” with message content including “NO KID HUNGRY” and asks interested candidates to click a link for more information. If you receive this email, please do NOT reply to the email and do NOT click on any of the links.
  • The second email scam circulating appears that the email is coming from your supervisor or a co-worker and asks that you purchase gift cards, scratch off to reveal code and send a picture back to the sender. Please delete and do NOT respond to these types of messages.
  • Please be advised that some users have received email which appears to be from one of the University Help Desks or a co-worker asking you to click on a PDF file which will redirect you to a fake login page which collects and compromises your login credentials. Always verify the sender address by hovering over the sender’s email address and confirming it is a valid and known address. When in question, please contact the HSC Help Desk for assistance. Please delete and do NOT click on PDF files, or other attachments, that appear to be from non-legitimate senders.

If you are unsure of the validity of an email, please contact the HSC Help Desk for assistance. See below for more information on how to avoid email scams. Thanks for your attention to this matter.

Phishing Attacks

  • Recent phishing attacks have been circulating around te University email system
  • Always verify sender address before replying
  • Report phishing scams to or myself so we can remediate immediately and block sender if not valid
  • Attackers are using HSC staff names to trick users and may impersonate a coworker, a supervisor or someone from finance asking for wire transfer or bank account numbers. They may also request that you purchase gift cards.
  • Recent attacks:
    • asking for iTunes gift cards
    • personal online activity and threats of disclosure for bitcoin payments
    • knoledge of passwords
  • Never signup for personal accounts with your HSC account. Never use the same passwords across accounts.

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