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Mac users: Expect a prompt to enter your password on your computer starting July 8

Password rules for WVU-owned Macs will be enforced for all accounts on those machines starting Monday, July 19

Long-standing WVU password security requirements for University-owned Mac computers will be enforced starting Monday, July 19. This change will have no impact on the majority of Mac users; however, if you have a local account on your machine that does not meet the University’s password requirements, you will be prompted to create a compliant password.

Employees may be using local accounts for things such as running automated scripts or for shared access to a computer in a conference room or classroom. To ensure the security of University data and protect personal information, all accounts must have a password. Anyone using a shared computer in a conference or classroom should log in with their own WVU Login credentials and log out when they are done presenting. If you have questions or concerns about a shared computer, please contact the IT support team for your college or department.

With this change, Mac computers will have the same lock-out setting as WVU-owned Windows computers: If you enter the wrong password eight (8) times, your local account will be locked. Mac users will need to contact the ITS Service Desk at 304-293-4444 or the HSC ITS Help Desk at 304-293-3631, option 1 to unlock your account.

This change applies to all WVU campuses, including the Health Sciences Center and students who participate in the HSC Computer Program. This change will NOT affect iPads or iPhones. Nor does it replace the NoMAD password synching service.