SOLE News Fall 2017

What's New...

  • New Plagiarism Avoidance Tutorial
  • New Certificate Tool
  • New Multiple Select Question Type within Exams
  • SOLE YouTube Channel

Coming Soon...

  • SOLE Online Workshop Series
  • SOLE Spring Workshop Series

What's New...

New Plagiarism Avoidance Tutorial
There are now two plagiarism avoidance tools available within SOLE. The WVU Libraries’ Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support created a tutorial (Option 1) that is now available to add to your courses and sites in SOLE. Within its five modules, this tutorial focuses on teaching students how to include information in their writing without plagiarizing; course instructors can focus on their preferred citations method and formats. The preceding module (Option 2), created by the WVU Office of Graduate Education and Life, focuses on the mechanics of citation methods throughout its eight units.

Please submit a SOLE Support Request in order to add or replace these features in your course or site in SOLE.

New Certificate Tool
SOLE’s Certificate Tool can be used to issue a certificate after a defined goal or set of goals has been achieved. Once the dependent action for a certificate has been completed the certificate can be claimed and saved and/or printed by users.

New Multiple Select Question Type within Exams
The multiple select question type is similar to multiple choice questions except it allows students to choose one or more correct answers from a provided list of options. This means one or more answers can be chosen as correct and all correct answers must be selected in order for the student to receive full credit for the question.

SOLE YouTube Channel
The SOLE YouTube Channel hosts four playlists with tailored resources for users; System Navigation, Administrator Tutorials, WVU HSC SOLE Support, and Student Orientation videos. Please subscribe for subsequent videos and visit our SOLE Documentation site for written SOLE Help information.



HSC Instructional Design Services

Instructional Design services provide a variety of assistance to aid in HSC SOLE course and site development such as:

  • Learning outcomes and assessment
  • Rubric development and creation
  • Online material organization and management
  • Full course development projects (SOLE)
  • Workshops on SOLE and other related teaching topics
  • Interactive learning modules and integrating technology
  • Assistance with compliance for online standards such as Quality Matters
  • Universal Design (Accessibility)
  • Curriculum mapping

You may request Instructional Design support or contact SOLE Support and a member of our Instructional Design team will contact you regarding your project request.

Group and 1-on-1 Training Sessions by Request

Contact SOLE support at to schedule a private training session for yourself or your group (minimum 5 participants).


SOLE Support
304-293-2491, Option 1