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SOLE Spotlight | Adjust Exam Question Scoring | March 2019

If you are in the process of grading your midterm exams, and need some instruction on how to adjust your questions' scoring, you are in luck!

First, ensure that the exam is CLOSED. Once closed, the "Adjust Question Scoring" button can be clicked to view the list of questions, the number of users that selected each answer, and to adjust points earned on exam questions for all student exam submissions.

Located beneath each question, the green "Mark Correct for All" button can be clicked to give all users who have taken the exam full credit for a question, regardless of their answer selection. The red "Mark Ignored for All" button is used to throw a question out completely and therefore exclude if from scoring altogether.

For further guidance on how to adjust the scoring for Multiple Choice and True or False type questions, please watch the SOLE YouTube video on Exam Scoring and Analysis for more details and demonstrations.

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