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SOLE Spotlight | Annotator View | November 2021

SOLE Spotlight: Annotator View

The SOLE Annotator tool provides document previews that can be annotated using the built-in commenting, highlighting, and drawing tools. The Annotator can be used by students to take notes on documents posted within Course Content while instructors can utilize it in congruence with the detailed grader to provide detailed annotations on submitted assignments.

Viewing Content

Users can utilize the Annotator to take notes on documents posted within Course Content. Annotations are unique to the user, meaning the annotations are only visible to the individual user and cannot be viewed by a course administrator or other users. Begin by clicking on the file you wish to view from the Course/Site Content left navigation pane. The Annotator will generate a preview of the document. Use the toolbar located at the top of the document to annotate. A comment box is also available located to the right of the document. It is important to note that when an administrator uploads a new version of a file it will clear and erase all users notes and annotations. Students should be advised to download their annotated documents.

Annotator View Mobile

There is now a better mobile view available on SOLE's Annotator tool. This view removes the comment box on the right side and hides the annotation options on the toolbar at the top. To annotate a document using the mobile view, flip your device horizontally. The toolbar and comment box will appear.

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