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SOLE Spotlight | Calendar | May 2023

The Calendar tool may be used by administrators to remind users about upcoming assessments, announcements, and other important information. This feature allows users to keep track of personal, school, and course work schedules in one convenient location.

Viewing the Calendar

Users can review their full calendar (events from all courses and sites) on the SOLE Portal Homepage. This will include all courses and sites to which a user has been given access.

Individual Course Calendars may also be accessed from within a specific course or site and will only display content specific to the course or site in which it was accessed.

Calendar Set up

When creating content, calendar settings can be entered under the general tab in order to display the content on the Calendar. Additionally, content objects that are assigned a due date will automatically appear on the Calendar. If a course administrator has not added calendar settings for a content item it will not be visible as a calendar event.

For further guidance on how to use this tool, please view the SOLE YouTube Calendar video.


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