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SOLE Spotlight | Calendar | October 2022

SOLE Spotlight: Calendar

Did you know that every SOLE course or site is equipped with a Calendar tool? Calendar can display upcoming assessments, announcements, and other important course or site specific events.

Utilizing Calendar

Calendar can be enabled from within the course or site Control Panel. Courses utilizing the SOLE Today homepage setup will display the calendar for the current date on the course homepage. The detailed Course Calendar can be viewed from within Information on the left navigation.

Once calendar settings are added to a content object or assessment, it will be displayed on the Calendar. Events may also be added directly to the Calendar without being connected to a content item. Due Dates, Release Dates, and Expiration Dates do not affect the Course Calendar. Therefore, if Calendar settings have not been set for a content item, it will not show up on the Calendar.

To view calendar events for all courses and sites access the main Calendar on the SOLE Portal Homepage.


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