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SOLE Spotlight | Course Start Checklist | January 2023

SOLE Spotlight: Course Start Checklist

Before the start of each semester, it's important to review and update your course(s). Enclosed is a checklist to help you think about what you should review. Bear in mind, each course and/or program is different, so it may be beneficial to create a personalized list as well.

1. Request a new course, or a copy of an existing course, for the upcoming semester. This may already be coordinated by your department.

2. Within new course copies, be sure to update the welcome page or any emails sent before the start of class.

3. Update the course Syllabus and Schedule to ensure they align with Course Content and Assessments.

4. Review all Content and Assessments (e.g., Assignments, Exams, Gradebook, Live Polling, and Surveys).

5. Preview your Exams as a student. This is an important step in preventing exam display errors and question typos.

6. Set all Due Dates and Calendar Dates. Setting future Release Dates allows for them to be Published ahead of time as well.

7. Review Gradebook settings to ensure they align with the grading policy specified in the Syllabus. Check its connection to all assessments and calculations as well.

- Gradebook column options may be used to release grades ahead of time so that students may receive grades immediately.

- Remember, instructors can always view the overall grade, but students will only see their calculated grade based on released grades.

8. Add the current CRN to the Configuration tab within the Control Panel so that registered students may be added to the course.


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