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SOLE Spotlight | The Difference Between a Page and a File | July 2019

Do you know the difference between a Page and a File in SOLE? They are alternative approaches used to create content objects for users.

Pages, HTML informational blocks, can be edited directly in the provided SOLE editor toolbar. They are ideal if you expect your materials to be read online and if you plan to have multiple hyperlinks to other content. Pages are fully searchable from within a course. Pages are also device responsive (e.g., cellphone, tables, desktops, laptops) and are automatically read by screen readers. The editor toolbar includes a feature called Check Accessibility. This button can be used to inspect the accessibility level of content and help you solve many types of accessibility issues. Running the Accessibility Checker, takes a fraction of a second.

Files, such as a Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Adobe PDF, may be uploaded to SOLE. You must edit the file in its original application and then upload the new version of the file. It is important to note that replacing a file with a new version will delete all student annotations on the file. You should always notify students before replacing a file with a new version.

To learn more, please watch our video on Page vs File Tips in SOLE on our YouTube Channel.

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