SOLE Spotlight | Exam Availability Settings | October 2018

SOLE Spotlight: Availability Settings

This month's SOLE Spotlight will take a brief look into Exam Availability Settings, which can be edited from within the Availability tab when creating or editing an Exam. Using a combination of the Due date, Expiration date, Time limit, and/or a Password helps bolster exam security.

Setting Exam Publish Status

There are three possible exam publish statuses:

- Draft mode is the default setting in which the exam is in design phase and unavailable to users.
- A Released exam is available to students and subject to set availability restrictions.
- A Closed exam will remain visible to students but they can no longer take the exam. Closed exams also allow the instructor to adjust grading if necessary.

Setting Dates and Time Limits

The Availability tab also permits setting time restrictions that define additional options, such as release date, due date, expiration date, and time limits.

- The Release date is the date and time the exam becomes available to students.
- The Due Date is the last possible date/time that students may submit an exam.
- The Expiration date sets a date/time in which the exam must be completed and submitted. Expired exams are not visible to students and cannot be reviewed.
- The Time Limit is the amount of time a student has to complete the exam once they have started. Due Date and Expiration Date will override the time limit.

Additional time may be added to an exam by updating the Due Date and Expiration Date during the exam. If the exam is timed, the timer will also update to show the new time on the students' exams.

Setting Exam Password

Setting a password means that students must enter the Exam Password in order to gain access to the exam. When setting a password, remember to keep it simple!


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