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SOLE Spotlight | Exam Troubleshooting | 2020

Before the Exam

Exam Troubleshooting can begin before an exam is delivered in order to help alleviate technical concerns and exam day stress. By planning ahead, some technical issues may be avoided.

- Create a practice exam to allow students to practice taking an exam prior to examination.
- Request that students check their internet signal, and perhaps run a Speed Test, prior to each exam.
- Alert your students to the existence of exam logs to dissuade cheating and potential technical issues caused by attempts to log into SOLE elsewhere during an exam.
- Add extra time to the Time Limit to account for anticipated exam technical issues or a required identification process (i.e. Zoom authentication).
- Require reporting of any technical issues by the student.
- Keep passwords simple and visible in the classroom for students at exam entry time.

During and After an Exam

Additionally, below are some common troubleshooting techniques that may be useful when troubleshooting during or after an exam.

- A frozen computer will require a hard reboot. Advise students to press and hold down the power button until the computer shuts off, then restart the computer.
- An exam stuck "In Progress" may be "Trigger Finished" in order to submit an exam on behalf of the student. This setting can be found on the In Progress Tab of Exam Report.
- If an exam is inadvertently submitted you can reopen it at your discretion to allow the student to re-launch and complete the exam.
- The Time Limit can be extended for individual students by using Override Settings to provide the new, full time limit for the student once the exam is reopened.

If students are experiencing technical issues or concerns while accessing an exam, please instruct them to visit the Exam Troubleshooting for Students or contact SOLE Support.

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