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SOLE Spotlight | Panopto Support | February 2019

On December 27, 2018, HSC ITS updated the classroom and remote lecture capture application from TechSmith Relay (formerly known as Camtasia) to the Panopto Video Platform. Panopto is available within all SOLE courses. Please review some of these Panopto Support options to assist in recording in the classroom and utilizing the Panopto Platform.

Enabling Panopto and Support

If you cannot currently access Panopto within your course you must request that it be enabled. You can also submit a Support Request for training, editing, moving/copying, and to claim a guest recording.

New Classroom Support Desktop Icons

Additionally, the classroom presenter computers now have two new icons on the desktop:

Classroom Support Guide - a resource of links for quick access to documentation pertinent to the classroom technology.
Classroom Problem Reporting - a resource to submit non-emergency classroom related issues such as AV/Equipment, Lighting, HVAC, etc.

All emergency issues should be reported immediately using the classroom phone hotlines.

Helpful Support Files

Multiple Panopto support documentation files can be found to assist you in utilizing the Panopto Platform. These files include items like the Quick Start Guide, Recording with LadiBug, Linking Recordings to Content in SOLE and more.


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