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SOLE Spotlight | Question Stats | November 2018

This SOLE Spotlight focuses on exam question statistics and their available viewing options. The exam availability must first be set to Closed before questions can be analyzed. Once an exam has been closed, the Exam Reports button can then be used to access Question Stats for the exam.

This will display data for the questions within the exam including the questions' scores for the whole group, top quarter (25%), and bottom quarter (25%). Additional data, such as the discrimination, Rpb, mean, and standard deviation is also available for each question. You may further select the icons under any question to view:

1) Question review
2) Answer bar chart
3) Advanced answer statistics
4) Adjust question scoring

You can view all of these options at once by selecting the Show All Information button beside the drop-down menu to sort questions at the start of the question listing.

Again, you must first close your exam prior to using this feature to your advantage. Please visit SOLE Documentation for Exam Reports for more details.


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