SOLE Spotlight | Rubrics | June 2019

Rubrics can be used to apply an objective grading method and provide consistency in evaluating student work. Rubric Scales can be created within SOLE's Gradebook and can then be utilized as grading methods for assessments.

Creating Rubrics

To create a rubric, first access the Rubric Scales section of Gradebook Settings and then click to add a new rubric. Here, you will define the specific criterion, rating names, and rating descriptions for the rubric. Use the rubric builder tools to add additional criterion and ratings or to enable weighting.

You can also import a rubric you personally created from another course. If you want to import a rubric created by another administrator, you must first make a copy of their rubric, and then import the copy.

Grading with Rubrics

Once created, a rubric becomes an available Grading Method option within the Assignments, Chat, Discussions, and Journal tools. Assignments graded via a rubric must be graded using the Detailed Grader so that each criterion may be awarded its own point value. Rubrics cannot be graded via Quick Grade.

Within the Detailed Grader, click on a point value for each criterion to award points. The rubric points will total automatically and display rubric points awarded versus points available. Defined weights for criterion will automatically apply as well.

To learn more, please visit our Rubrics Help Documentation page and watch the Detailed Grader video on our YouTube Channel.

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