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SOLE Spotlight: SOLE Exam LockDown Brower Recommendations

The LockDown Brower is an Advanced Setting option within SOLE Exams. It can be used to prevent students from printing, copying text, visiting another URL, or accessing other applications while taking the exam.

However, the LockDown Browser is not recommended for distance (online) learners, which is a common misunderstanding. Enabling the Lockdown Browser for remote students can create additional technical issues. It also cannot prevent access to additional devices during the exam. Therefore, it is important to note that the LockDown Browser is not a proctor substitute. Should you wish to proctor remotely, consider an online service, like ProctorU, that uses live proctors and offers a student pay model. Please contact SOLE Support if you would like more information about using ProctorU at West Virginia University.

If you plan to use the LockDown Browser in the classroom, the students must first install it on their computers. We highly suggest that students are required to complete a practice exam using the LockDown Browser to ensure proper installation prior to the exam date. Once the LockDown browser has been enabled, an editable Exit Password will automatically be created for the administrator to utilize at their discretion. However, if internet connection is lost during a student's exam, additional troubleshooting may be required.

Finally, when building an exam in SOLE, we recommend that you use a combination of the Due date, Expiration date, Time limit, and Password settings for optimal security in the classroom. All faculty creating exams must evaluate what works best for their specific students and their situations.


For further guidance, please visit our documentation on LockDown Browser.

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