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SOLE Spotlight | SOLE Search | April 2019

This month's SOLE Spotlight reviews the Search Tool and the different ways it can be used.

Basic Search Functionality

Content across all courses and sites can be searched from the SOLE homepage by clicking the search icon in the SOLE bar and typing in a key word to populate a list of results. In addition, search may also be utilized from within a course in order to populate a list of results from a specific courses' content.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search is also available (just below the normal search bar) and narrows your search by sites, tools, categories, tags, learning objectives and dates. You may download Advanced Search results in excel format by clicking the Download Results button.

Panopto Integration

When searching from within a course, SOLE will present a Videos section that will show any Panopto Recordings that contain the key word or phrase you entered.

Bonus Tip: From within the Panopto Platform search bar, typing in a key word or phrase will automatically fast-forward the video to the exact point in the recording that contains your search criteria.


For further guidance on how to search on the SOLE homepage or advance search, please view the SOLE YouTube video on the SOLE Bar for more details and demonstrations.

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