Two-factor authentication required for WVU systems by Aug 31, 2018

All students on all WVU campuses will be required to use two-factor authentication for access to many systems, including SOLE, by Aug. 31, 2018. You can get ahead of the curve by enrolling now. Click the MyLogin button at to get started.

One caution for the classroom: Many courses do not allow smartphone devices in the classroom at exam time and therefore will require some students to purchase and register an alternate authentication device known as the Duo Display Token. The Duo Display Token is available for $24.98 at the HSC Barnes & Noble Bookstore on the ground floor of Health Sciences North or you can have it shipped to your home by ordering online at: .

The Duo Display Token should be purchased prior to enrolling in Duo if your course restricts use of smartphones during exams. Programs that currently have the smartphone usage restriction during exams include: Dental, Dental Hygiene, Medicine, *Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy – these programs will require students to purchase the Duo Display Token. Please note that if you are active in a current semester/course you may wish to delay enrollment until between semesters.

*MSN and DNP online nursing students are not required to purchase the Display Token.

Two-factor authentication is a second layer of security besides your WVU Login credentials. It requires you to prove who you are using what you KNOW (your Login credentials) and what you HAVE (a smartphone or Duo display token). With the free Duo Mobile app or a Duo display token, you can confirm your identity in seconds.

To enroll, go to and select "My Login." Enter your WVU Login credentials, click "Enroll in Duo 2-Factor" and follow the steps to add your mobile device and the Duo Display Token if your course requires an alternate device. To learn more, visit

If you need help getting started, contact the HSC Help Desk at 304.293.3631, option 1, or