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HSC ITS Security Awareness & Compliance Training Policy

The WVU Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center Office of Information Technology Services provides computing, networking, information, and communication resources to our users in an effort to support and enhance our patient care, teaching, research, and service activities. Access to our Information Technology resources is conditionally granted to our faculty, students, and staff. HSC Administration (including the Assistant VP for Information Technology Services and the Director of IT Services: Quality Assurance) is responsible for safeguarding our Information Technology resources (including but not limited to our equipment, software, networking infrastructure, and data) as well as providing end-user IT Security Awareness training.

All HSC faculty, staff, and students have a shared responsibility to protect our Information Resources. Thus, in order to keep up to date with the latest information on HSC’s IT security policies and awareness efforts, HSC faculty and staff are required to take the HSC IT Security Awareness Training on an annual basis.

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