West Virginia University Computer Security and Privacy Incident Reporting System

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Request an 800 Number

Send an e-mail to hsctelecom@hsc.wvu.edu and include:

  • Your department name, contact name, and contact phone number
  • The 293 number where the 8xx number should forward to
    • Optional:  Any particular 8xx number you would like to check for availability and possible assignment to your department
  • Where do you want to accept 8xx calls from? (ie.  national, international, or a specific state or states)
  • The funding source where the 8xx number and associated charges should be charged to

As of June 15, 2006, WVU Telecommunications national and regional rates for 800 service are as follows:

  • $0.09 per minute
  • $20.00 per month for administrative costs
  • $90.00 one-time installation (sometimes the installation fee is waived)
  • Inquire via email to hsctelecom@hsc.wvu.edu for WVU Telecommunications international 800 rates