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TID requests for HSC

Main Campus Telecommunications requests TIDs from our long distance carrier. In order to request TIDs (and Calling Cards if needed) directly from main campus, please go to their TID and Calling Card Request page and then click on “Request TID” in green. You should then receive a log in page. Please use the userid and password you use to log onto your email account on this page and continue. Once logged on, a “Telephone Identification Number (TID) and Calling Card Request for Long Distance Calls” form will appear. Please click on the + of “Expand Help” for specifics on what information is required on each line. Upon completion of the form and clicking on the Request button, you should receive a “Request created Successfully!” message. At that time, you can view the request that you just submitted, make changes to it, or just close out the window. 

Please note that the site to request TIDs is a main campus Telecommunications web site. Only requests for TIDs and calling cards should go directly to them. All other phone related requests for service within the HSC networks should be directed to the HSC Telecom group by logging into the SOLE Phones database, via email or by calling 304-293-4683.

Personal TID

Personal TID accounts are no longer available through WVU Telecom. If you need to place a personal long distance call from your WVU Office phone, please use either a prepaid long distance card or prior to making the call, check with your departmental business office to see if they will bill you for your personal calls. Prepaid long distance cards can be purchased at most grocery, convenience, and discount stores.