Reminder - SOLE Update Coming Soon

We are excited to announce the launch of our December SOLE update on Thursday, December 27, 2018! The largest of the two updates will impact the transition in lecture capture solutions at the Health Sciences Center.

1) SOLE Panopto Integration

HSC ITS will update our classroom and remote lecture capture application from TechSmith Relay (formerly known as Camtasia) to the Panopto Video Platform. Panopto will record lectures in a similar manner and maintain previous, popular features such as auto-linking and speed settings. Previously recorded TechSmith Relay (Camstasia) lectures will remain available in courses. All newly recorded lectures in 2019 will be created utilizing Panopto. As of December 27, 2018, no further TechSmith Relay recordings will be processed and posted in SOLE.

Panopto will provide functionality such as:
- Launching the recorder within SOLE
- Cloud-based storage
- Multi-camera recording
- Multi-screen recording
- Auto launch/recording for PowerPoint
- Machine/Auto closed-captioning capability
- Fully indexed slides for search
- Video editing
- and more...

To learn more visit our support documentation which includes how to record with LadiBug and TurningPoint.

2) NEW Question Types

SOLE will release two new beta question types in the Exams tool:

Ordering - students select the correct order of a series of defined items.

Hotspot - students are presented with an image and must click on a particular area within the image to place a crosshairs icon to indicate their answer.


Contact SOLE Support:
304-293-2491, Option 1
HSC Room 2306