SOLE Spotlight | Adding Students | August 2018

As you prepare to add students to your SOLE course(s), please be aware that there are two different ways to accomplish this task from within the Control Panel:

1 - You can search for individual users (students) by name, email, or unique ID or search for groups of users by degree program or department. Once you have completed the search, select the user(s) you would like to add, choose the appropriate role, and click the Add Users button at the bottom of your screen.

2 - You can add registered users via STAR by entering the STAR Course Reference Number (CRN) within the Control Panel's Configuration tab. You can then choose to manually add registered users or check the option to allow SOLE to automatically add them. If a user registers for your class today, they will not be added into your SOLE course until tomorrow.

Please note, checking to automatically add users will NOT remove students that have been dropped from your course. However, if a student has dropped the course, you will be alerted on the course homepage and those students will also be highlighted in red within the Users tab. You can then manually remove users as necessary.

For more details, please watch our When to Add Users video demonstration.


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