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SOLE Spotlight | Live Polling | February 2020

SOLE Spotlight: Live Polling

SOLE Live Polling is a new tool that can be used to check comprehension, enhance engagement and facilitate learning during class. Live Polling requires no license or clickers and can be utilized from the student's phone or laptop to engage in poll questions. Live Polling provides real-time results that can be released by the instructor, as well as the ability to grade polls for correct answers and participation.

Launching a Live Poll

Once a Live Poll has been created it can be released, and questions can be asked, in one of two ways; manually from within a SOLE course or by utilizing a poll question link that is inserted directly into a PowerPoint presentation in advance of the presentation.

When launching a poll via the question link, it will launch on the computer's default browser. Therefore, it is suggested to be logged into the classroom's default browser, primarily Internet Explorer, to eliminate the need to sign in to SOLE while launching the poll. It is also recommended to prompt students to be logged into SOLE on their personal device before releasing the poll.

Additionally, make sure to set an adequate time limit for students to access the question. For larger class sizes, 1 minute/60 seconds is the suggested minimum.


For further guidance on how to use the Live Polling tool in SOLE, please view the SOLE YouTube video on Live Polling for more details and demonstrations.

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