SOLE Spotlight | Question Bank Organization | September 2018

With the SOLE Exams tool, instructors can not only create exams within an interactive student exam environment, but can also manage and organize a detailed Question Bank. Within the Question Bank, instructors can add, delete or manage questions which are then available to be added to any exam.

Proper Question Bank organization is very important because it makes it easier to populate questions within exams, aids in curriculum mapping, and promotes more effective student evaluation. Therefore, question creation includes three attributes, assigned on the "Title, Category & Tags" tab of each question, that can assist in maintaining a well organized Question Bank:

A unique question Title
If a title is not assigned SOLE will use a truncated version of the question text.

One shared Category
Group questions by one main topic, chapter, unit, exam title, or any other appropriate grouping.

Multiple shared Tags
Allows for further organization through a more defined grouping of question subcategories.

When building the Question Bank, it is important to determine a methodology for question organization. Instructors should consider how questions should be organized over time and how that organization will assist in building exams, quizzes, midterms, and finals in an efficient manner. A good example might be to categorize questions by the quiz/exam in which they are used and then to implement a variety of tags to provide additional identification.

Please note that once a question is added to an exam it becomes unique to that exam. Changes can be saved back to the Question Bank or the question could be saved within the exam as a unique instance.

For more details, please view our Help Documentation on Creating Exam Questions. If you would like assistance in reviewing your Question Bank and how it could be improved, please submit a request to SOLE Support.


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