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  • WVU-managed Macs and iPads will get critical security update on Sunday, Sept. 26

    All faculty and staff who use a University-managed Mac or iPad should leave those devices turned on to accept a critical security update from Information Technology Services around 9 a.m. on Sunday, Sept. 26. This update will prevent attackers from exploiting a known vulnerability that could let them access and control your device.

  • SOLE Spotlight | Certificates | September 2021

    The Certificate tool can be accessed from within Information on the left navigation. Click Add Certificate and define the General Settings. You must define a dependency which is the action a user must complete to claim their certificate. This dependency can necessitate a submission from the student through one of SOLE’s tools, including Assignments, Exams, Discussion, Gradebook, Journal, and Surveys. It can also be used based on content views within Course Content

  • SOLE Fall Training Announcement

    Application & Web Support Services is pleased to announce our Fall SOLE Certificate Courses to provide training for Course and Site Administrators.

  • Mac users: Expect a prompt to enter your password on your computer starting July 8

    Password rules for WVU-owned Macs will be enforced for all accounts on those machines starting Monday, July 19

  • SOLE Spotlight | Panopto Recordings and Closed Captioning | July 2021

    Now that many of us have transitioned to teaching online and are reusing our recorded class lectures, the Provost Office wants us to keep in high priority adding Closed Captioning. This makes recordings more accessible to students that are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Captioning also can improve comprehension by native and foreign-language speakers and help compensate for poor audio or background noise. As an institution of public accommodation, WVU has a responsibility to ensure that its programming is accessible for individuals with disabilities.

  • SOLE Spotlight | Discussions and Late Submission | June 2021

    Discussions allows asynchronous communication between students and instructors who want to discuss and share their teaching and learning in a virtual learning community. In a Discussion, you can post a new discussion, read and reply to a discussion, comment on others' replies, share files, search, bookmark and subscribe.

  • Panopto Updates

    Panopto Cloud Downtime

  • SOLE Spotlight | Copy Signup Lists | May 2021

    Using Signup List in SOLE has become even easier. You now can create an exact copy of the signup registration and reuse it for a similar event — whether you are scheduling video conferences, clinical groups, office hours, course projects, or managing other online events.

  • SOLE Summer Training Annoucement

    Application & Web Support Services is pleased to announce our Summer SOLE Certificate Courses to provide training for Health Sciences Course and Site Administrators.

  • SOLE Spotlight | Connecting with Students | April 2021

    As faculty and staff make transitions to different modalities and tailor future course delivery formats, there is a significant need to be more available to students. Instructors can foster and maintain a strong presence using a variety of Communication Tools to connect with students and build an energized and thoughtful community of learning regardless of the course delivery designation.